happy dazzzze ha ha haaa

Brett's bus nearing completion, it will be a bit special when it's done.



Mr Ballz is a bit of a genius when it comes to setting up big motors, here he is getting ready to use his rolling road in a box.


Disco Steve has been getting the blue bay ready for the road after a long sleep in a barn (the bus not Steve), whilst Jared does a one day dropped spindle job on the pretty split bus on the ramp.


020.JPGOne of our busiest weeks ever over at www.t2d-shop.com means lots of packing for the D boyz, why not make the most of out discounted T2D hoodys which are now reduced from £39.95 down to just £29.95. Please click here to check out the range




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Graham and Andy's 11 window back from the MOT shop with a green one.


Good work Mr Parker.



Rich Lee popped by to buy a Create Fixie from us and to let us have a look at his new ride.. It might be back soon for some T2D Bagz by Ballz


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Hoody Deals....

Type 2 Detectives Weekend special on our full Hoody range.. We have marked all of our hoodys down from £39.95 to just £29.95 @ www.t2d-shop.com..



Order today and we'll throw in some Free SH*t


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Type 3 Specials.

We have one or two Tuck Away Type 3 exhausts left.. If you want one be quick and bag yours.  call 01638 743211 or email paul@type3detectives.com for more info.



And one only, period full length roof rack for a Square!! You know the number.


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The Radio Flyer..

Brett and Matt came in on there day off to get Brett's Bus ready for MOT Mark.


It's had a T2D Straight axle conversion, a Disco Steve paint job, and some rebuilt dropped spindles up front.


Down and running by tea time. Good work Boys.

After the MOT it will get some Tubs and a Very Narrow Beam.




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Dr Disco Detail Dept...


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Happy Wednesdays

Andy and Graham's bus is in for some pre MOT preps and a whole load of T2D specail care. It's another great Father and Son built bus, which should serve it's owners well.


Brad's DC in for a new Motor and Carb instal.


Hayley and Ricky are the proud new owners of the ExGerman Microbus.


The strip down of the burnt bus has begun.



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