Monday in Burhell

The Harrison's look super happy whilst picking up their bus after a one day lowering job.. If you want your bus lowering in a day, call or email 01638 743211 info@type2detectives.com


More happy shoppers, the Hall's picking up there T2D prepped Westi.


Another great Westi which we have for sale.. We have poptop and steel roof buses available both early and late Baywindow style. if you want a nice rust free Westfalia, call the experts 01638 743211 we'll have a bus to suit your needs.


THe T2D TV Bus now fully Waxoiled and ready for some Ankor Wax action on the Patina.


T shirt photo shoot for a nice little plug in the next Airmighty. more info go to http://www.t2d-shop.com





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